About US

Boli Munich consists of a handful of dog lovers, who are passionate about our best friends but also about fashion.


Located in Munich/Germany, we have always been looking for convenient but still fashionable outdoor gear for our dog walks. But we were not satisfied with the range of dog suiting outdoor jackets. So we decided to create one on our own.


The more we talked with other dog owners about this problem, the clearer it got that there is a need for such a multi functional jacket. We began designing our sketches to fit the specifications and needs that most dog walkers had when we interviewed them.


Our company has networked and partnered with experienced and very talented dressmakers in Munich and in early 2016 we began coming up with our first prototypes.


The new jackets look and feel fantastic and after a few experimental prototypes, we are officially ready to launch our jackets for sale for all dog walkers everywhere.


We want to bring the new jackets to production in early fall. To meet our objectives and to provide competitive sale prices, while still producing at the highest standards in Europe, a certain number of orders is required. That is why we have launched a crowdfunding campaign, to spread the word and raise the capital needed to finally provide dog walkers everywhere a jacket that makes them feel and look satisfied!


Thank you for helping us, by taking part in sharing our product to the world!


Best Regards,


Sidriti, Sebastian & Boli